NEW WORLD: Update 1.2.2 Disabled Babbed Quests, Fixes Annoying Fight

NEW WORLD: Update 1.2.2 Disabled Babbed Quests, Fixes Annoying Fight

The patience game Girl Bug (AE for Ladybug) was generated 1981 by the company Universal in the arcade consoles of pubs and wagering halls. Woman Bug was just one of the much more effective mazes that attempted to build on the success of Pac-Man. Unlike various other imitations, Lady Bug was plainly modified by the launch of a variable maze, which demanded other tactical approaches to the gamer.

The tests for the great January update of New World are in full swing, but that does not stop the developers from taking care of various bugs on the live servers in parallel. The latest patch with the version number 1.2.2 fixes a whole series of annoying mistakes, which occur, among other things, in EVE and PVP struggles, including a problem with permanent slowdown in the PVP. In addition, the team has deactivated a number of quests that do not distribute their rewards as intended. The developers work on a solution and want to make the tasks available again at a later date.

The update is already available on the live servers of New World (Buy Now €39.99), so you can enjoy the changes after updating the game.

NEW WORLD: Update 1.2.2 — The full patch notes

Greetings, adventurers!

The update this week fixes some recently rebuilt errors and brings adjustments and bug fixes in the fight. Our developers are constantly working to further improve the gaming experience in New World, and we thank you for your patience and your news in the official forums.

General bug fixes:

Fixed bug where players could get a maximum of 3 talent levels when they produced large amounts of objects at once.
There is a short series of tasks still in progress in the game, which lacked some aspects, primarily the rewards. These tasks are deactivated for the time being and reactivated again at a later date. All that you have completed in the current state retain the deserved experience and earned gold, but the progress is reset so that you can play the tasks again after re-activation with the correct rewards. This concerns the following tasks:
At the end of the world

 Call from the emptiness
 Excitement among the woken
 The cursed blade
 Sensor no KO
  • Fixed bug where players could break the recovery of the sheet shot by jumping. There is now a delay of 0.33 seconds between shooting an arrow and the possible triggering of a trip.
  • Fixed bugs through which permanently illness and slowdown could be effective in the PVP.
  • Fixed mistakes when sliding players in the animation cancellation of heavy attacks with the disaster blade.
  • Fixed bug, through which in guard of light could spawn the wrong mob.
  • Fixed bug, through which the wondering physician, grub of Delhi, Bailees and Medici of the Totengräber did not drop a combat trophy material.

Thanks for your support! See you in Sternum!

Source: Amazon Games

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