Kohfeldt Handerte: “A crystal-clear penalty, no discussion”

Kohfeldt Handerte: “A crystal-clear penalty, no discussion”

The Wolf burger started very well into the game, but left two hundred percent chances. In the 39th minute, after a duel between Jordan Torunarigha against Renato Steffen, it would have been possible for the VFL, but referee Robert Hartmann did not point to boarding the Berliner — and did not look at the scene himself.

The ball does not play Torunarigha. If Torunarigha does not interfere, Steffen is running on the gate and offers us a great opportunity. I think the Var has the check. If I value the pictures for me, that’s a clear penalty, Wolfsburg’s sport director Marcel Schaefer after the game at Sky a clear opinion of the situation.

Also, clearly the opinion of Coach Florian Krefeld: This is a crystal-clear penalty, no discussion. He does not hit the ball, makes the scissors and takes the foot only. We do not have to discuss it.

It could have been the important leadership for the wolves. If you look at the whole game, we have a variety of ways in which we had to shoot a gate. I’m a bit disappointed just that we only have one point. It was definitely more in it, Maximilian Arnold ordered the 0 : 0 against Bertha BSC.

Arnold:… That’s right myself

The wolves would have liked three points, but they could live with the way of the performance. We went to the Bochum game (0: 1, note d. Red.) In the right direction, that’s right, that’s positive. In the situation, we will continue to help us win, that’s clear, but we are on the Right way, finds Arnold.

Similar to the six there is also shepherd: That was a small step in the right direction. We have played to zero, some good chances of thinking. If you look at our phase, we just need the success experience, unfortunately we did not do that, But there were things that we consider positive. I already know that we only help us win.


The next start for a threesome takes the Wolfsburg closest to Leipzig next Sunday (15.30 clock).

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