New PlayStation Patent: Whoever slides too bad will soon be coached

New PlayStation Patent: Whoever slides too bad will soon be coached

Games are getting more complex. Even anyone who really slides regularly has to recall themselves from time to time how the control works for this or that game. On the other hand, accessibility is now a big topic. As many people as possible, the hobby gaming is to be made accessible, regardless of constitution or skill levels. That’s why some companies work on solution here, including Sony who want to help with a new patent.

Patent could lift accessibility to a new level

This is in the patent: The technology registered with the US Patent Office offers Systems and Methods for Gameplay Coaching. That means: who simply does not get on in a game, gets a video that shows how it works better.

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The special thing about it is that we are very concrete, at which point we have something to do, so when we jump, race or shoot. This should reduce the frustration of different games and genres.

PS5 already offers a similar approach: In the operating system of the PlayStation 5, there are so-called cards to the different titles that catapult or put special tasks directly to a specific point in the game. Here are partly also videos of the developer studios, which demonstrate solution proposals for particularly difficult spots. Sony’s new patent would be quasi a further development that integrates such tips directly into the games.

Only one patent: Patents submitted are basically only ideas. Whether and when one is implemented also, is in the stars. So do not expect it for the time being.

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Games adapt to bad skills

If we are simply not feeling better despite the coaching, there is also another way. Another patent of Sony introduces a technology that can adapt boss fights to our skills. Let’s play Main, our I opponent may be a bit stupider, and we are just on fire, he could increase his evasive rate and speed. Such a technology could obsolete traditional difficulty guard.

What do you think about Sony’s Coaching Patent?

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