LOL: The new Teleport will have an interaction with the most hated character of the game

LOL: The new Teleport will have an interaction with the most hated character of the game

The preseason of League of Legends has been a madness in terms of new synergies with the arrival of two dragons, hex tech and thermochemistry, the premiere of a rune, first blow, and several Flannery new objects with Those that many of the champions have become fashionable thanks to the enormous help that gives it. But one of the most notable changes and who had more controversial was nothing of this, but a quite important invoked spell for players from a solitary lane who want to get to their respective streets as soon as possible: Teleport Several are the new synergies that have reached the sum invoked crack with this change, but there is a specific one that can be a true hell for the players, both of Solo and the competitive.

New Teleport is pretty crazy...
As you can see in the Mandarin video We talk about YURI, one of the most hated cats of the video game industry. Just as it happened in its beginnings, the magic cat can teleported next to its allies when the invoked spell Teleport reaches 14 minutes, at which time it will be unlocked to use any element Allied in our favor. Thus, the TP will be able to telephone two champions together again, something that was a headache for most players when this controversial support premiered.

But is not the only champion that has received changes with the Teleport: One and Mode kaiser will also be able to use this spell of invoked for very specific moments to take advantage of our advantage. While One is not so servant, Mortiser could serve to quickly escape from a rival assembly or a hunt where enemies are greater than I. It will be necessary to see that Riot Games does, since they have just announced changes to this spell for the next patch.

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