NFL – I would not exclude that, says Aaron Rodgers back after the season?

NFL – I would not exclude that, says Aaron Rodgers back after the season?

Aaron Rodgers counts with the Green Bay Packers to the top favorites on the Super Bowl, he himself has very good chances of winning his second MVP title this season. Does the 38-year-old quarterback nevertheless occur at the end of the season? According to Rodgers itself, that is quite conceivable.

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I would not exclude that, explained the Packers-QB in a talk round with journalists. He did not want to end his career only if he could no longer play at the highest level.

It will be nothing, which goes over months and months, However, Rodgers assured. He won his decision quickly after this season. I will not hold back the team of nothing. As soon as I decide — even if I decide to continue here — then it will be a quick decision.

I think I’ll just enjoy this season and I think that next year will definitely play an option, says Rodgers. If this year has shown me one, then I can still play and still love the game.

NFL: Aaron Rodgers’ Future A Beautiful Mystery

Rodgers had opened in the past off season with a farewell to the Packers Geliebugelt and his future in the franchise as a beautiful mystery. Long rumors, Rodgers did not want to return to Green Bay. He himself declared dissatisfied with that he had been too little involved in the team’s decisions in the past.

My comments do not mean that I think about playing elsewhere, Rodgers now realized. The things I said about the team this year were serious, but the relationship [to General Manager Brian Futschunst] was honest, and I appreciate the way we have led on conversations since then.

Rodgers’ contract with the packers is running another year, 2022 he continues in Green Bay under contract. Last summer, however, both sides agreed to delete the last contract year from the contract. The coming season would be Rodgers’ last under his current contract. Should he actually leave the packers, the upcoming off season would thus be the last opportunity for the team to get a trade equivalent for the reigning MVP?

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The packers have recovered 12 of their 15 season games this season and are on the first place in the NFC. Rodgers comes in 14 play on 3689 passing yards, 33 touchdowns and only four interceptions. He is considered the top favorite to the MVP title.

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