Wild Rift  A Splash Art Filtered shows a physical change in Leone who has not liked the community

Wild Rift A Splash Art Filtered shows a physical change in Leone who has not liked the community

League of Legends Wild Rift has received a new splash Art promotional that portrays some champions of the LOL version on mobile, but the community does not seem happy with the way Leona appears in the image. According to fans, the character does not coincide with her role and she profiles in the game of Riot Games.

Lioness is too thin in the new image of Wild Rift

The main complaint of the community in social networks on the new promotional art published in profiles of a Data miner is that the physicist of Leona does not match what the character represents in the game. According to the fans, the Solar warrior, which should be shown as a tank capable of carrying his traditional shield and sword and using the armor in combat, should be stronger and, in the image, it seems too thin :

Of course, many of the promotional arts of LOL in PC and Wild Rift can present stylized versions of their characters that differ from the originals. However, Riot Games did not pronounce itself about it. Another release that saw the displeasure of Wild Rift fanatics was the Lux Rosa de Cristal aspect (of the event in the game of the same name), which seems that it was not promoted different enough to be considered a legendary aspect.

It was not even confirmed when the SPLASH ART in question would become part of the game that is found in its 2.6A version, whose culminating point will be the arrival of the event and new project skins. However, Riot Games has already heard the community once and would not be unleashed to think that they will change this Lioness design with the official arrival of the Wild Rift client, although it could also be to give him another point of view to the champion in the Mobile game and accommodate more change physicists from other champions in the future.

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