An overwhelming popular Spiritfarer development team clear the 2022 plan-new office with a pool in unpublished title

This paresis details the honors granted at the Video game Awards event that occurs every end of the year. The game/ developer/ person winner is the very first of each checklist and is put in bold.

Heart water Many Management Games with Themes.

The published page introduces this year’s trend of the development team every season. We mention Spiritual free updates and game goods store Fan gamer, and mention the sales of the product, and the total number of sells. In December 2021, Spiritual will deliver the last update and released Spiritual: Farewell Edition. It is supposed to be separated into Spiritual development that has begun to start in 2018 and was more than just projects.

At the end of the page, a part of the 2022 plan of the development team is described. In January 2022, it plans to relocate the outdoor pool from the old office that has become scared by the increase in the number of belongings. In addition, it was revealed that the Spiritual development team fully shifted to unpublished project work and the progress project with the second development team who is undecided.

2021 Looking Up by Thunder Lotus is published on Thunder Lotus official site. An article that introduces the first favorite game this year to choose by team members is also published at the same time.

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