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DISCIPLINE IN SCHOOL The school environment is a place of learning for students and students, in this place also they not only learn about science but learn about the attitude of one of them is the attitude of discipline. Habituation of discipline is indirectly taught in schools ranging from school entry to school. By being taught a disciplined attitude, the child will be trained to appreciate time more, the child will be more obedient to goodness, and express a sense of concern for others. Examples of school environments related to the use of disciplines are as follows: A. Leaving school on time B. Do school work well and on time C. Implementing and obeying discipline in schools D. Apply manners and courtesy to all school residents E. Wear school uniform properly and neatly F. Pay close attention to lessons G. If you want to leave must ask the teacher for permission first H. Sit orderly and tidy I. Don't provoke a fuss and don't make a rowdy classroom atmosphere A. Perform picket duty when it's their turn. FAMILY DISCIPLINE Not only in schools or educational environments, the most important place to instill discipline is at home. Parents who act as teachers at home, should teach their children to be disciplined early on. Through the habituation of discipline early on, the child will be disciplined in daily life and prevail in all environments. Not only does it teach discipline, there are examples of family environments that must also be taught through their own behavior. It's free to just teach the child to be sociable but parents don't act like that. Examples of disciplinary actions at home are as follows: A. Discipline in carrying out worship B. Help with homework such as sweeping, washing clothes, washing dishes, and so on C. Ask parents for permission if they want to leave D. If you leave, don't come home late at night E. Always get up early and don't stall F. Using electricity wisely G. Maintain cleanliness in the environment around the house both inside and outside the house H. Always keep safe around the home environment I. Eat regularly and with healthy food A. Make the most of your time at home DISCIPLINE IN THE ENVIRONMENT OF THE PEOPLE Discipline is very important applied by all examples of the community environment, therefore in the community there are rules both written and unwritten that must be done by the community. The regulation has consequences for the attitude of public discipline that must be implemented. The attitude of displin in society includes discipline about time and discipline about behavior. The examples of disciplinary actions in the community are as follows: A. Fulfill the meeting invitation in a timely way. Usually in people's lives there will be many meetings and other activities. If we are asked to participate in such activities, it is good that we come on time and not let others wait and hinder the smooth running of the event. B. It does not pollute the environment both in roads, rivers and yard houses. As good citizens let us take care of the environment with small things like getting used to not throwing waste carelessly. C. Be polite and courteous to all communities. Getting used to being polite is an obligation to do. By getting used to being polite and polite it means we have taken the opportunity to realize a peaceful life. D. Discipline in paying different types of taxes. As good citizens, we must be disciplined in paying taxes. E. It doesn't interfere with the comforts around or the neighbors around. We must not be concerned with personal interests or pleasures. It's like turning on a TV or radio with a volume so loud that it interferes with the comfort of others. F. When borrowing someone else's property, it must be returned on time and take care of the goods carefully. G. Maintain the safety of the environment around the community residence. We must get used to not making noise in the community and always help and stand shoulder to shoulder with other members of the community to maintain safety around residential neighborhoods. H. Adhere to the various meanings of norms and disciplines that apply in the community. I. Public disciplinary action can be used with the rule first. There will be more regulation if there are various meanings of sanctions if someone violates them. A. If you have to be polite and know the time. Don't still just because we're visiting, the host becomes disturbed by his comfort. K. Can work well with other members of the community. In public life, we should be able to work with other members of the community such as working together and other activities. That way we will be more familiar with other members of the community.



netherlands country

the Netherlands is also known as a country that implements very strict traffic regulations. This country sets a number of strict driving rules, especially when it comes to driving.

When driving, the Netherlands sets a safe limit or safe distance of driving about 2 meters from the vehicle in front of it. With this regulation, the Dutch government seeks to minimize traffic accidents due to singapore's sudden brakes Singapore

is one of the countries that is quite close to Indonesia. The country is well known for addressing traffic problems by presenting a number of thumbs-up traffic regulations.

In fact, thanks to Singapore's success in addressing traffic problems, the country is also referred to as a traffic-ordered country. Examples while driving. When driving, when traffic signs show a stop signal, the driver immediately stops just behind the white road mark. Then, when the red light has turned green, no driver should stop, making the other driver honk. Singapore drivers are well aware of the meaning of each traffic sign.


As a country that produces the world's leading vehicle brands, Japan is also known as a country whose citizens are quite obedient to the regulations. That's because of the traffic regulations set out in managing the traffic order. One of them is related to the rules for creating a driver's license. To make driver's licenses, Japan applies the same rules as in Indonesia, namely there are written exams and practices

General Characteristics of Disciplinary Action[edit]

General Characteristics of Disciplinary Action The characteristics of people who can be said to be disciplined are as follows: Always adhere to existing rules and regulations Disciplinary action can be said to stem from the absence of regulations either written or unwritten. With the regulation that must be implemented, members of the public can get used to having a disciplined attitude.

Always on time Usually a disciplined person is characterized by his attitude towards time. He appreciates time, therefore people who have a disciplined attitude are always on time in carrying out any activities. This is done because the purpose of discipline one of them is to form a strong personality with principles that are attached to the desired goal.

Have a regular schedule To get used to having a disciplined attitude, usually people have a schedule about their daily activities. A person who has a disciplined attitude will not let his time be wasted used for unhelpful things.

Always keep up the task well In addition to being able to set the time well, people who have a disciplined attitude can usually always get the task done well and properly.

In fact, there are many more kinds of discipline in the three neighborhoods. As good citizens, it is good to get used to discipline from now on, because the benefits that will be achieved are not only for us but for others as well.

The benefits if we apply the habit of discipline not only apply to the present, but also to life in the future.

With discipline, too, will train us on how much we value time, then also about how much we carry out our obligations and also how much we adhere to the good rules of regulation made by religion, the rules made by ourselves, the rules made by society and the rules made by the state.



Displays the Windows 10 Start Menu.

WINDOWS KEY +TAB Launch Windows 10 Task View

WINDOWS KEY + Q Open the search bar and Cortana (if your region is set to a supporting region) with voice commands.

WINDOWS KEY + S Open the search bar and Cortana (if your region is set to a supporting region) with text commands from the keyboard.

WINDOWS KEY + I Open the Windows 10 Settings menu.

WINDOWS KEY + A Open windows 10 notifications.

WINDOWS KEY + L Lock your Windows 10 device.

WINDOWS KEY + D Create a new Desktop virtual screen WINDOWS KEY + CTRL +F4 Close the Virtual Desktop screen.

WINDOWNS +(LEFT) OR (RIGHT) BUTTONS Move between Desktop virtual screens

WINDOWNS +(LEFT) OR (RIGHT) OR (UP) OR (DOWN) Positioning the existing jendel on the layer

WINDOWS KEY + H Share content, if the opened app supports.

WINDOWS KEY + K Connect the monitor and audio wirelessly.

WINDOWS KEY + X Opens the context of the menu from the Start button.

WINDOWS KEY + G Open the Game Bar from Windows 10. It is used to record or retrieve the tangka[an screen of the game that is being played.

WINDOWS KEY + D Displays the Windows desktop.

WINDOWS KEY + E Open Windows Explorer

WINDOWS KEY + SPACE Change the input language of the keyboard, if you have more than one keyboard setting.

WINDOWS KEY + R Run CMD (command prompt)

WINDOWS KEY + P Project a screen

ALT + TAB Switch application windows ALT + SPACE Displays restore, move, size, minimize, maximize or close options.

ALT+F4 Closing the program or window that is currently open or if we are on the desktop will bring up the option to shut down.