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Rey and Allison Rivera

Rey Rivera mysteriously disappeared on May 16, 2006. After a week of searching for him, his body was discovered inside the Belvedere Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland on May 24th, 2006. It appeared Rey had jumped off the roof or a balcony of the hotel to his death, but there's many controversies surrounding if that would be even be possible. From what we know, Rey was not considered suicidal, nor showed any signs of suicide. Police have currently ruled his death as suicide, although especially because the coroner ruled the death as inconclusive instead of a suicide, people around him strongly believe otherwise. Interest in the case has been rising due to Netflix's Unsolved Mysteries featuring Rey Rivera's story as their first episode.


The only things we know about the moments before anyone saw Rey again were the statements made by Claudia. Rey was in his office which was next to the bedroom she was staying in. She heard his phone ring, him speaking unknown words to someone, and then exclaiming "OH" in some type of surprised manner than wasn't normal. Rey immediately left the house saying nothing to Claudia. Family and friends searched for days until they discovered his car on the top level roof of the parking garage of the Belevedere hotel.

Body Found[edit]

Rey's body was on the floor of the room, head towards the door. The concierge remembered seeing bloody on the hole in the ceiling as if he dropped through.


Allison and Rey

Allison Rivera[edit]

Allison is the wife of Rey Rivera. They were married for six months before he disappeared. Allison was out of town the day he vanished. The last time she seen Rey was she say was getting in a taxi to go to the airport. Her final words to him were "I love you so much" in which he replied "Thanks for loving me so much." Allison stated that in the weeks leading up to his disappearance, Rey seemed more over protective of her than usual. He was even insisting for her to have company with her when she went out which was out of character for him.

She has no idea who could of murdered Rey but does not think he committed suicide.

Angel Rivera[edit]

Angel is the older brother of Rey. He was heavy involved in the search and the Unsolved Mysteries episode. Angel believes Rey was murdered.

Rey and his lifelong friend, Porter Stansberry.

Porter Stansberry[edit]

Frank Porter Stansberry is a lifelong friend of Rey. Rey was also a finance writer for Porter's company, Stansberry and Associates. He put up $1000 to help find Rey when they believe he'd disappeared. Porter raised red flags when he got a lawyer and ordered an apparent gag order for his employees to not speak to police when Rey's body was found.


Claudia, was a friend and colleague of Allison Rivera that was staying at the Rivera household when Rey went missing. She was the only person at the house at the time with Rey as Allison was out of town.


The mysterious note found by Allison.


Allison found a note taped behind Rey's computer monitor one day. The note was very cryptic. It contained names of people he knows, directors he was fond of, and many other mysterious things. The FBI analyzed the note and confirmed it's not a suicide note. The text on the note was printed very small, and the whole note was a small, oddly cut piece of paper. Allison says the note was created that day because there were scraps of the paper in the trash can.

More pages of the note.

Jumping distance too far[edit]

Some people claim that it would be impossible for Rey to jump from the roof of the hotel and land where his body was found. Some have proved that it would be possible for him to make it, but he would be running and jumping, instead of falling to his death as most committing suicide would do. According to a Washington Examiner article, “An engineering study obtained by The Examiner concluded that based on the distance that Rivera’s body landed from the wall, estimated to be roughly 43 feet, he would have been running roughly 11 miles per hour." The idea of him running and leaping to his death leads people to consider the mental breakdown or The Game theory.

Cell phone and glasses undamaged[edit]

Rey's phone and glasses were found laying near his body and still intact. It's hard to imagine Rey's phone and glasses not getting damaged considering the large amount of damage his body received from the fall. Although, there are plausible theories that the items could survive the fall.

Money clip[edit]

Allison gave Rey a money clip as a wedding gift that he always kept on him. Allison and Angel both insist you never seen Rey without his money clip as it was basically his wallet. The money clip has never been found and Allison says she has searched the house and his car thoroughly. It's possible the money clip could of been lost somehow in the fall, then taken by a random person.


The Freemasons[edit]

Rey enjoyed studying secret societies and had shown a lot of interested in join the freemason. The opening line of he strange note Allison found was "Whom virtue unites, death will not separate." This phrase is strongly related to the Freemasons.

Mental breakdown/Manic Episode[edit]

One theory people have came up with is that Rey had some kind of mental breakdown which made him lose his sense of reality.


The most plausible theory besides suicide is that Rey Rivera was murdered by either being thrown or pushed off the building, or killed and setup to look like a suicide. Considering Rey wrote columns about stocks, it's possible he could of lost someone a large amount of money and they killed him. The company where Rey worked was already involved with the SEC for some shady dealings, it's also possible he got involved in or even seen something that ended getting him killed.

The Game[edit]

Extramarital Affair[edit]

Rey & Porter homosexual relationship theory[edit]

One theory is that Rey Rivera and Porter Stansberry had been in a long time secret sexual relationship.